Limba Romn


Romanian special characters:[,,,,] or (if your browser can't deal with ISO-8859-2 charset).

Unicode (ro)

If you want to use the Unicode (UTF-8) charset, be aware that for older browsers you might have to set View->Encoding to UTF-8 or Central european.

1. First you need to tell the browser to use unicode. You do that by adding the meta line of code after the opening html tag:

2. In your HTML code you would use "&#NNN", where NNN is the number in the middle row in the above table.

For reference the special chars were retrieved from these UNICODE charts:

3. Text example using UTF-8 Romanian characters:
  • Tudor Arghezi -- O zi
4. Perl script to convert Romanian texts from ISO-8859-2 to UTF-8:
0. If you can't see the ISO-8859-2 charset correctly, you could upgrade your browser to either the latest Internet Explorer, Netscape, Opera, or Mozilla. Lynx 2.8x (although not supporting Javascript) seems to do at least a decent job at approximating those non-ASCII characters...
1. Add this "meta" tag right after your oppening "html" tag in order to tell the viewer/browser to use the proper charset:

2. does not have a cedilla underneath but a comma (ISO-8859-2 has the Turkish version of "sh"). See Unicode for the correct glyphs.
3. Text examples using ISO-8859-2 Romanian characters:

Romanian Keyboard Control using your browser

Romanian Keyboard Control in Mac OS/X

Open System Preferences and select International icom under the Personal category. Select the Input Menu and scroll down to Romanian. Select it and the "Show input menu in menu bar" checkbox below in order to be able to switch between different keyboard layouts. Close System Preferences. Now, you're able to switch to/from the Romanian keyboard layout using the top menu bar. Typically the special characters map as illustrated below:

Romanian Keyboard Control in Windows

Control Panel->Keyboard
->Language (95/98) ->Add...->Romanian->OK
->Input Locales (NT/XP/2000)
If you also check the Enable indicator on taskbar box on the same Input Locales property page, you'll be able to easily switch between RO and EN by left-click on symbol on the taskbar and choosing the desired keyboard mapping.
This setting allows the following mapping of Romanian characters on a standard QWERTY 101-AT US keyboard:

Pronounciation guide - as close as I can describe it in plain English